Company Background

AICL (Apex Insurance Consultant Limited) is a company formed under Indian Companies Act 1956 as a Limited Company. The company is proud to be backed by the professionals having strong financial hold. The exclusive feature of the company is that this is the only company in India, which has been formed as a complete risk Management Company for medical practitioners. With its trained technical professionals, company had analyzed the details of services required on every step of professional practice of a doctor and has also prepared itself to meet the future challenges in form of different medico-legal problems and litigations. While going through the incorporation of this company each and every aspect of the problems, suffering and available protections for a medical practitioner has been scrutinized so that a best service platform can be created. The company at present is armed with highly experienced professionals from different fields of service industry and from insurance field in particular.

Earth Apex, a constituent of the Earth Apex Group, offers the complete range of services related to purchase/sale/leasing of residential and commercial property.Earth Apex Reality was born in April 2006. Earth Apex Realty - Four Decades of Excellence For over four decades, Earth Apex has been helping people realise their aspirations by investing wisely. Today, Earth Apex is one of India's foremost Financial Planning and Investment Advisory companies, with a strong presence all over the country. We take pride in serving our customers - both individual and institutional - and are known for our strong professionalism and work ethics.